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What is Manhattan SCALE?

Manhattan SCALE is an affordable warehouse management system offered by Manhattan Associates. Manhattan SCALE WMS helps businesses optimize warehouse operations by providing tools for inventory management, order fulfillment, and transportation management.

Manhattan SCALE is built on a cloud-based platform and can be accessed from any device with a web browser. It also supports multiple languages, currencies, and units of measure.

Manhattan SCALE can be integrated with other Manhattan solutions—such as Manhattan Active® Transportation and Manhattan Inventory Planning—to provide a comprehensive supply chain management solution.

What technology is Manhattan SCALE built on?

Manhattan SCALE is built on Microsoft technologies and is highly configurable to meet individual needs. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Manhattan SCALE is a supply chain solution that is scaled to fit, ready to run, and sets the standard for leading-edge, highly mobile warehouse management system (WMS) technology and innovation. Its solution capabilities provide solves for warehouse management challenges with wearable devices, intelligent integration between those devices, ease of access, and the general push to an “always on, always optimizing, always current” warehouse management solution.

Manhattan SCALE is available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, or on-premises—to serve an array of needs, capabilities, and budgets.

As part of our Manhattan Distribution solutions, Manhattan SCALE is available in a Manhattan-hosted cloud option. Within the Manhattan cloud, annual upgrades provide the next version of an application each year so you can take advantage of new features and functions. Our Manhattan SCALE cloud upgrade service includes the option to automatically migrate custom extensions.

Harness the power of a dynamic warehouse management system (WMS)—on-premises or in a cloud environment—made to save you time and money by providing the ideal blend of usability, capabilities, and functionality

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