Arrow88 Business Solutions Inc developed review programs for the Certified Industrial Engineering (CIE) Examination.

The review aimed to assist young Industrial Engineers lift their careers in the industry as the Certified IEs were preferred in the recruitment of Industrial Engineering posts. The PIE, or CIE qualification became an advantage in the labor market. Many of the PIEs are now ASEAN Engineers, and some of the CIEs are now Associate ASEAN Engineers.

The Review Program is composed of more than 100 hours of review services, including face to face review sessions, mock tests and reflection on the result of mock test.

The program is designed to cover the courses in the examination as presented by the PIIE, drawn from the Program and Standards of the Philippine Industrial Engineering curriculum by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
Syllabi were carefully reviewed to match the requirement and continually improved based on the feedback of previous review participants. The mock tests were made with Table of Specifications to ensure important topics are covered.

Review materials are provided, wherein you can personally write the answers and solutions during the sessions. A book is provided for Math, Science, and Basic Engineering courses.

Sessions are scheduled every Sunday to accommodate all the participants, including those who report to work on Saturdays.

On-line review for Engineering Mathematics and Allied Courses

Part I.

On-line tutoring is available for Math and Allied courses so that you could have more time to prepare yourselves in solving problems for professional courses.

There are two parts: Refresher course for Mathematics and Allied courses, and Calculator Techniques